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Why Women Don’t Wear Stockings & Suspender Belts?


Ask any woman why they don’t wear stockings and there’s a fair chance they will simply say they consider them unpractical or unsafe to wear for an evening out due to the unreliability of the suspender belt clasps (trust me no woman wants stockings around her ankles in the middle of a great evening). That’s not surprising when most suspender belts (or garter belts depending on where in the world you are) are built for the bedroom. They tend to be very flimsy, normally with four straps and useless plastic clasps. There are hundreds of them available on eBay for around £5, and if they last for 20 minutes of passion it’s an achievement!

Therefore, the most important thing is to buy a belt that is actually designed to do the job of holding up stockings. Do that and the clasps will not come undone & the stockings will be supremely comfortable to wear. You will wonder why you ever bothered with tights. Trust me on this but you need a quality item made especially for the job!

The first thing you need is metal clasps. Do not expect belts with flimsy plastic clasps to serve any practical purpose, put simply they are simply cheap cheap rubbish. Metal clasps grip the stockings and don’t come undone. Get that right and you’re nearly there. Then you need to choose the number of straps.

Quality belts usually come with either six or eight straps and eight-strappers obviously give you more support, however, we also sell 10, 12 and 14 strap belts for the ultimate experience. Unfortunately, you will not find six or eight-strap metal clasp suspender belts in many shops – but they are available now on our website and that’s not just an advert – it’s part of the mission!

Seamed stockings are the ultimate in chic, but you may find that the seams have a life of their own. To keep them straight, avoid belts that place the straps at the side and instead look for one which has them further round to the back eight strap belts & above are fabulous for this. This is especially important if your legs are slim.

Now for the stockings themselves. When tights came along they were seen as the comfortable, convenient alternative to stockings. Obviously nonsense. Don’t worry, as the latest microfibre technology means that stockings can be every bit as comfortable as tights – in fact often more so as you don’t get the drooping gusset that all wearers of tights know so well.

Stockings are easy to wear and simple to care for with a quality suspender belt. Within a few days, you will be a past master. The return to elegance is like the return of an old friend, and soon you will wonder why you ever sent her away.